The Accordion Re.Store

The Accordion Re.Store is located just east of Asheville, NC. We have been rebuilding and re-purposing, repairing and restoring accordions & concertinas since 2005. With the Covid pandemic, many of you have found interest in your old accordions. Yay!

Primarily, we work with individuals, Hohner brand customers, and local music shops. Accordions need service and our customers come from all over the central Southeast: From as far as Memphis, TN, Newport News, VA, Charleston, SC and all throughout the Carolinas from the mountains to the coast. We accept work on all accordions & concertinas including diatonic, chromatic and an occasional harmoniums or pump organ. We also have lots of parts, shoulder-straps, cases, and many other accessories essential to accordionists. Thinking of doing your own re-valve or re-pad? We have the parts and sell kits for DIY folks.

The Accordion Re.Store is designed for accordion enthusiasts of all levels and we encourage/teach beginners to the experienced pro. In addition to repairs, we sell refurbished gems, restored antiques, estate & personal consignments plus modern accessories for all types of players and performers. We also rent accordions. Our  rental accordions have been used by many traveling musicians and for theatrical productions. 

Our ‘storefront’, located in Black Mt, NC, is a converted bungalow living room, as economics do not support an “accordion-only” shop in town, especially with on-line competition and a large number of cheap Asian accordions flooding the internet on places like Ebay and Craig’s list. With these sites in mind, a lot of our rebuilds and restored accordions are priced $300-$500, $700-$800, and $1200-$1500 depending on quality and vintage. We do have some high quality inventory and consignments FOR SALE with negotiable prices. (Looking for a quality used Italian or German made accordion to purchase? click here)

For those seeking to learn how to play the accordion, we provide in person or on-line lesson programs thru the shop or local resources. Lessons can focus on diatonic accordions to play cajun, zydeco, tex-mex, nortena to the traditional chromatic keyboard in styles like Irish, Polkas, Blues, Country and Faith based music. c.2023.

No credit  cards. Please consider Paypal,Venmo, Zelle, Check or Cash