Repair Service

Accordion ReStore is operated by and provides repair, maintenance and accessories for players of all skill levels. Proprietor Steve is a locally based musician and a member of several performing bands.

Most accordions & concertinas can be repaired or restored and regular maintenance will keep the instrument in good shape throughout it’s life. Many well played accordions need basic maintenance or low cost repairs and nearly all yard-sale and Ebay accordions need something (that’s usually why they are for sale). Turn around time depends on the amount of work to be done but much of it can be done within 1 day to 1 week. We can also give you an idea of what your accordion is worth if you are trying to buy or sell one.

While no problem is un-fixable, pricing repair costs over the phone or via pictures is difficult and unreliable to assess. Bench rates are $30/hr.

To give the customer an idea of typical repair fees consider these general pricing ranges:

-$30 deposit for any work or evaluation
-$40 for standard single reed fixes + cost of replacement reed
-$25 to $250 can fix most keyboard and/or bass button issues.
-$65 for most bass strap replacements
-$25 used/ refurbished shoulder straps
-$65 to $120 for new padded shoulder straps vinyl,felt & custom, sized to fit
-$30 to $60 bellows straps in pairs, leather or chrome

Common repairs for older, neglected, stored for years, bought on Ebay, etc are:
-air leaks, random sounds, cracked grills, cosmetic or internal wear are common
-tuning issues are often the result of wax and valve decay
-Original tuning can be re-set to standard 440,442, wet or dry, musette,etc.
-complete restorations can run above $500 up to $1500 depending on condition

We have restored to good working order 100 year old Soprani’s, pre-WWII Hohners, and numerous post WWII brands damaged in shipping, dropped, broken, or drenched in liquids or southeast humidity. A lot of customers have brought in family heirlooms or estate pieces looking to restore, sell, upgrade or trade for a suitable home. We examine the instrument for re-storable qualities and share all findings via pictures and estimated assessments before any work is done.

Repair Q & A, Examples, Drop-off locations & other info & pics can be found here

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