Accordion Accessories & Parts

Accordion Restore is a full service shop and most any item can be made available, if not in stock. If you do not see it on the list below, feel free to inquire.

We carry a variety of straps & colors:
-shoulder straps
-bellows straps,
-back straps
-bass strap

We can install pick-ups in most any accordion. There are many possible ways to mic and accordion depending on the size of your instrument whether internally or externally. Older mic systems (with large diaphragm mics) are encouraged to be replaced and updated.

We also can make or replace
-keyboard tops
-keyboard axles
-bass buttons
-grill cloths
-accordion bass feet
-complete bellows or partial repairs


Reeds can be replaced in quality ranges from #5 machine made to #1 tip-a-mano


Cases and carry bags
Fun stuff- ball caps, etc
Kids toy accordions

Accordions for Sale

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