Steve B has been a performing musician in a variety of styles for over 30 years. He’s been playing accordion steadily for over 20 years focusing primarily on Cajun/Zydeco,Irish,Swing, & Bluegrass. One of his bands, since 2003, Bayou Diesel, has been a locally popular progressive zydeco band, playing local festivals and events in the Asheville area.

Steve B started fixing accordions because there was no one in the Asheville area doing what is common in northern cities like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Southern Lousiana. Due to high costs of shipping an accordion and then waiting for long turnover times, Steve was able to get concentrated instruction from two primary teachers, Larry Miller of Iota, LA and Dale Wise of Fredericksburg, VA. Since then he has repaired,restored or rebuilt over 300 accordions and counting.

Call 828-669-2592 10am-5pm, or when it’s most convenient for you
Often it is good to have a picture.
Email: accordionrestore@gmail.com

Ok to call and chat about

repair questions,
Buying & selling,
Arrange lessons
Talk about accordions

Please do not call looking for free advice or how to fix your accordion.

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