Consignment & Estate Sales

We offer a consignment broker service to sell for you or your family’s estate. Consignment fee is 30% of sale price, less any maintenance or repair costs to make the instrument playable/saleable, plus shipping/insurance costs. We use a variety of local, on-line and other resources to find a buyer for your instrument.

We will not sell your junk. Accordions must be playable or repairable and have some measure of quality. We prefer to work with Italian or German manufactured instruments from the 1950’s to date. Mostly because other manufacturers use inexpensive parts and are designed for mass sales such as many of the models you find on Ebay or Amazon today. Visit our gallery to see what is currently available and to get some ideas on pricing your accordion or concertina.
Once it is inspected we can put it up in our shop and on the website. Call for more details about how we can locate a buyer or player for your instrument.

Take a look at our gallery: Click here:

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